DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology

Hiralal Konar
Book Condition
Book Edition
8th edition
Book Publish Year
01 Jan 2020
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About the Book

Dutta’s textbook of gynaecology has stepped in its 8th edition through its journey over the last 31 years. The book is comprehensive and user-friendly with its easy-to-read format. The presentation of this book with its quality of graphics, design, profusely illustrations (366), high quality photographs (330) and imaging studies are the special attraction. Numerous tables, boxes, flowcharts, and algorithms are there, for ease of study and reproducibility. The key points are at the end of each br>Chapter to provide an outline br>Synopsis of the entire br>Chapter this is of value for quick and easy revision. The state-of-the-art in the book lies in presentation which is simple, lucid, clear and concise. Above all, it provides a balanced distillation of evidence-based information upon which a student, Trainee resident, a practitioner and a nurse can fully depend. All the chapters have been extensively revised, updated and thoroughly rewritten. Practical gynaecology (br>Chapter 38), contains a total of 107 high quality photographs and plates of imaging studies. Few hundred of viva questions along with answers and explanations are presented to enable the students to face the clinical and viva voce part of examination.

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