Dynamics of Machinery for GTU New Course (Sem-5, Mech. - 3151911)

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1st edition
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01 Sep 2020
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1.Dynamic force analysis of mechanisms: Introduction, D’alembert’s principle, equivalent offset inertia force, dynamic analysis of four link mechanism, dynamic analysis of slider crank mechanism, velocity & acceleration of piston, angular velocity & angular acceleration of connecting rod, engine force analysis, dynamically equivalent system, inertia of the connecting rod, inertia force in reciprocating engines. (Chapter - 1) 2.Turning moment diagrams and flywheel: Turning moment diagram for various type of engines, fluctuation of energy, fluctuation of speed, flywheel, energy stored in flywheel, dimensions of flywheel rims, flywheel in punching presses (Chapter - 2) 3.Balancing: Introduction, static balancing, dynamic balancing, transference of force from one plane to another plane, balancing of several masses in different planes, force balancing of linkages, balancing of reciprocating mass, balancing of locomotives, Effects of partial balancing in locomotives, secondary balancing, balancing of inline engines, balancing of v-engines, balancing of radial engines, balancing machines. (Chapters - 3, 4) 4.Gyroscope: Angular velocity, angular acceleration, gyroscopic torque, gyroscopic effect on naval ships, aero plane, stability of an automobile, stability of two wheel vehicle (Chapter - 5) 5.Free vibrations and damped free vibrations: Types of vibrations, elements constituting vibration, spring mass system, free undamped vibrations, equation of motion, equivalent spring stiffness, free damped vibrations, equation of motion for viscous damper, damping factor, under damped system, critically damped system, over damped system, logarithmic decrement, free torsional vibration of a two and three rotor system, torsionally equivalent shaft, torsional vibration of a geared system. (Chapters - 6, 7, 8) 6.Forced damped vibrations: 7.Critical speeds of shafts:

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